Is it possible to donate money to this project?

I really appreciate Audacity and I would like to donate some money, but I can’t figure out how to do it!

We no longer accept direct donations, but donations may still be made via FossHub on the Download page: Audacity download latest version
Donations to Fosshub benefit all of the excellent open source projects that they host.

I also checked again this year, if there was a way to support you guys for developing such a great tool.

So I looked at and at the very gottom I read “… Therefore, “please” donate for an excellent piece of software!” followed by a big fat green button “Found this software useful? Please consider a donation to the author. DONATE”
And the button takes me to – bummer!

It may be that you are not in dire need of support - that’s fine with me, and even better for you - but “404” is certainly not a nice message that you want to give to a well-meaning supporter who made it that far.
Let me suggest that you simply post a note at this very page, stating your donation policy, whatever it is.
Anyway – keep up the great work also in 2022!

I’ve emailed FossHub to let them know about the dead link.

I doubt that fosshub can fix this. They link to what they reasonably expect to hold the desired information. But the link target itself - - is empty. So I think it’s up to the Audacity web-owner to provide more than a 404 under this topic.

On the contrary - they seem to have fixed this already - that “Donate” button now links to:

which shows ways in which you can contribute to the development of the project by providing your time …


Ahhh … you’re right. So “Donate” now doesn’t lead to a “donate” page - smart move :slight_smile: