Ion Tape Express with Audacity

I have been wondering about buying one of these and I just wondered about using it with Audacity. I know it comes with it’s own software, but Audacity would be so much better for what I had in mind, so if anyone can tell me if it’s compatable with Audacity that would be most appreciated.

The ION Tape Express is a USB device and therefore should work with Audacity. Until early 2010 ION used to ship Audacity with their USB record decks and tape decks - now they only ship the “EZ Converter” software. I used Audacity with an ION record deck that I had some years ago, it worked fine.

You should be able to use Audacity for the whole process (and I would strongly recommend 1.3.12 rather than the ancient 1.2.6) - alternatively you could record with EZ Converter and then import the audio file into Audacity for processing.

If you already have a tape deck and a line-in (NOT microphone in) on your computer then you should be able to use that with Audacity without needing to buy the ION.

Have a look at this set of tutorials:,_LPs_or_minidiscs_to_CD

If you do get the ION then this tutorial should prove useful:


Thanks very much, it’ll save me so much time in place of using Sonar and a stereo with a tape player built in. Also, Audacity offers so many more options of file types and bitrates, so it’s a double blessing.