ion cassette converter

My name is Luca,
I am writing from Italy,
i do not know english enogh.
My question is :How can i get
directly sound in exit from computer?( when i play Start in cassette tape? or directly when i recorder in cassette tape in order to listen and understand ?)
I have buy a tape converter “Ion” I have Windows 7
the program with "Ion"for conversion is not good,So i get “Audacity”
Thank you !

Please write in elementar way!

Using the device toolbar, set the recording input to the USB option (the Ion device) and set the playback output to your normal sound card (your speakers).

Try playing an imported audio file to ensure that playback is working,

Try recording from the Ion to ensure that recording is working (you may not hear anything, so look to see that a wiggly blue waveform appears when you record.)

When you have recording and playback working, go to the “Transport” menu and enable “Software Playthrough”.

As Steve says - and see this set of Tutorials from the Manual:


thank you gentlemen, I will try !