Introduction of a Short cut for Sync Lock

I apologise that I have posted this a couple weeks ago; however, I don’t know how to find it again and I believe I posted it in the Wrong place.

I produce several radio programs each week which I prerecord at home and upload to the stations computer.
I use Media Monkey as my music program and generally have about 35 tracks in a single program. I was taught a process of moving tracks into audacity which I find very cumbersome.
I find using my mouse is the easiest way for me. So, in order to move one track from Media Monkey into Audacity I have to do as follows. Bear in mind at the start of this process Sync-Lock is ON.

  1. Using the mouse Select the track in MM and move it into Audacity.
  2. Go to Tracks and turn Sync-Lock Off.
  3. Move back to the track and select Cut
  4. Move the mouse to the position where the track is to go and click
  5. Move the mouse back to Tracks and turn Sync-Lock back on.
  6. Move the mouse back to where the track is supposed to go and click paste
    What I’m getting at is that there is an Awful lot of moving the mouse back and forth for every track and the majority of this has to do with turning Sync-Lock On and Off. Going thru this process for 30+ tracks is one heck of a lot of Mousing about. I’m moving the mouse about on the page several hundred times where each of these moves could potentially be accomplished with one keystroke.
    For My purposes it would make it so much ezr if one of th Function keys could be assigned to turn Sync-Lock On and Off.
    In looking at the …topic is similar… I see that others are having the same type of issues But I can’t seem to access or find any actual answers.
    Lastly, can someone tell me how to find out if there are any answers to this issue.

Note that you can create custom shortcuts for virtually any menu item in Audacity. Use Edit > Preferences > Shortcuts > Tree. Scroll down to Tracks Menu, “Keep track synchronized (Sync-Lock)”. Select this line, click on the white box near the bottom of the list, then press your function key F?, “Set”, then Bob’s your uncle.

As Jademan says - plus your shortcut key will act as a toggle to turn sync-lock on/off


Well guys, YES for sure Jademan I followed your instructions and assigned F4 to turn the sync-lock on and off and it works great! BUT, heres what happened in my process.
I recorded a short test audio. Normally I introduce my program and then after a bit of verbage I introduce the first set of songs to be played.
So now on my screen I have the white space where I have recorded the audio and a big grey space below. track sync is off.
So now I select my theme song and move that to the big grey space and adjust it to play behind the audio. Once this is done I would select ALL and turn the sync back on. It would not consistantly work to alter sync/lock this Old Brain is getting confused now!
Ok, under normal circumstances Sync/Lock would be on. (As I could not get F4 to work consistantly I have now manually turned Sync/Lock back on.
Now I am faced with three spaces on Audacity the top one contains my audio, the middle one contains the music track that I have already moved in
So now the process is to move another music track in. I do this by moving it with my mouse to the bottom space on Audacity.
The new track is now in that bottom space and I’ve been taught that I have to then turn off S/L - I have just done that using F4 and S/L is now off.
OK, now my next step to date would be to cut that track and then delete the space where it was by clicking on the little x and then go to space where the previous music track is and click and turn S/L back on and then paste Well in attempting to do that I ended up with two active But empty spaces with an empty dark gray space below.
I don’t know if I’ve adequitly described the process But, it seems that the F4 does not work in these circumstances.
If this does not make sence let me know and I will try to step thru the process. As you can imagine, having to do all this S/L on and off exercise using the mouse is really a pain where one sits

I have made a little 54sec video of the process I go thru; however, I do not know how to take it from my tablet and send it. If y’all can tell me how to do that it would surley show exactly what I am trying to get rid of and that is all the mousing about I have to do in order to move each track into Audacity. Please Help

I think that you are producing a radio program which needs to be in one file.

I do not know Medi Monkey, but in most music programs you can make playlists. Make one playlist for your next program, fill it with all the music you need to have. Then, produce allthe spoken parts you need between the songs, and add them to the playlist at the right position.

After that, play the playlist and let Audacity record what is played, then export in one single .mp4-file. I do not know what kind of computer you have, but it should work - for macOS with additional software like Blackhole or Soundflower (both free).

It’s probably not the most elegant way, but probably less cumbersome than what you described.

Here in the forum you have a “message composition” window. In the tools part, about in the middle, you see a symbol with an arrow pointing to the top. This is called upload. However, I do not know whether videos are supported.