Internal recording

Ive been recording with a mic near the computor speakers but getting a slight hiss

thought I d try to do some internl recording

I used the settings …

windows wasapi
speakers realtek hi def audio loopback

pressed record but no sound signal appeared… is there some other setting that I ve missed ?

thanks for help and advice

WASAPI is the sound coming out of the computer speakers.
WASAPI recordings only begin if there is sound to record, (it stops if there is silence).

THANKS for the reply but it hardly tells me what to do to get internal recording

pity in audacity there is not a simple box to click to get onto internal recording

In the end I downloaded… free pc audio recorder… looks like a pretty basic

bit of kit… in settings you tick a box for either microphone or internal recording

got onto internal recording and got the perfect audio result … no sign of any hiss !

There is a whole Tutorial available in the Audacity Manual if you care to read it: