Instrument (generator) plugin setup, AUNetReceive

Hello team.

Thank you for the great software! I use it often and love to use it.

I have a small issue I’m trying to solve, and hope someone here could help me. I would like to receive and audio stream via AUNetReceive plugin, which is bundled with Apple AU Lab (version 2.3). The plugin is enabled in Audacity, and I can launch it via Generate → AUNetReceive… menu, then I enter details of the connection, and get ‘Connected’ status. However, nothing happens neither when I click on a green [ |> ] arrow button, nor when I click on [ OK ] button. In the latter case I sometimes could see a flashing new Track being created and immediately disappearing. If I launch Audacity via Terminal console, then I also get “Setting input render callback failed.” message printed in the console, whenever I try to use the plugin. If I check for the open TCP sessions, I’m able to see a connection being established, and then I see a disconnect (didn’t try to capture traffic, though).

Software versions:

  • Audacity 2.4.1 commit 1322b4
  • OSX 10.15.6 Catalina
  • AU Lab 2.3

The plugin itself works perfectly well, e.g. I’m able to run AU Lab AUNetSend on one Mac, and get audio on another Mac via AU Lab AUNetReceive.

You can try to make it work on a localhost for a test. Create a new document with appropriate input/output, add AUNetSend plugin to Effects in Output, and set it up with a password. Play some music and lower output volume. Create another document in the same AU Lab instance, don’t add Input, but only Output, then add Audio Unit Generator from Edit menu, select AUNetReceive and click OK. Add new host with [ + ], as host name:port (or whatever port was in AUNetSend), and the password. Click OK and Connect, and in a second you would get a sound.

Other options in Generate menu work. Do I miss something, or is it a bug? How could I get plugin to work with Audacity?

Thank you!

Audacity does not support VST instruments (“VSTi”), and although I am not certain, I think that also applies to AU instruments.

Steve, thank you for your reply. Wiki says that “VST instruments (VSTi) (such as synths) … are not yet supported. These will not load even if you enable or re-enable them…”, but this AU AUNetReceive plugin gets loaded properly and gets shown in the menu :unamused: .

Should then this be reported as a possible bug somewhere? Plugin shouldn’t be shown in menu if it’s not supposed to work, and shouldn’t be listed as an available plugin. Or at least docs/wiki should be updated (I wasn’t able to find a way to edit it).

I’ve checked with the developers and they have confirmed that AU instruments are not yet supported.

I have updated the manual (for the next Audacity release) and add a couple of notes in relevant places to say that AU instruments are not supported.

I think it is a bug that the AU instrument plug-in appears to install. I’ve logged this as a bug on the Audacity issue tracker.

Thank you for filling in bug report, Steve. Please, reply to Peter Sampson who was commenting there that he couldn’t find the effect that AUNetReceive is listed under Generate menu, as it’s a generator (instrument) plugin, not an effect plugin. See screenshot attached.
Screenshot 2020-10-08 at 16.46.45.jpg

Peter Sampson is me “Waxcylinder” - I don’t see it all in the Audacity Plug-in manager, so I can’t enable it to access it.

I do have AUNetSend - but not AUNetReceive :confused:
Screenshot 2020-10-08 at 17.00.52.png

This is how I have them listed:
Screenshot 2020-10-08 at 18.45.02.jpg

Adjustable Fade is the top item in my list :confused:

I have no

And you don’t have (as I have):
Apple: AUNetsend

I have a Macbook Pro running macOS 10.15.6 Catalina


Once I enable any of ‘New’ ‘Apple: xxxxxx’ plug-ins, then close Manage Plug-ins window, and then open it again, this 'Apple: ’ prefix is no longer shown in Name column, but remaining ‘xxxxx’ (actual plug-in name) is shown.

Oh yes so it does, same for me.

I have to confess to being a PC-bod rather than a Macolyte :wink:

The Macbook I have is for QA testing purposes for Audacity - so I’m slowly extending my Mac-knowledge. This is my learning for the day …


I have both.
macOS Catalina 10.15.6


Steve has also confirmed that he was able to load the plug-in. I don’t know why isn’t it listed in your case. My software versions are listed in a first post. I would suggest to document this “expected not to work” situation somewhere on Wiki, and close the bug report – that would be fastest solution, as I’ve suggested here above. More complicated path – find out why this type of plugin gets loaded, and add a check into the codebase to not let it load and confuse rare accidental users.
Thank you for your efforts.

BTW, nice plug-in. You can collaboratively work with audio on multiple laptops, and it even works over Internet, if you open ports on firewall.

Steve, I think, has updated the 3.0.0 alpha Manual (we can’t update released Manuals)

we can think about that.