Installing audacity to use with Akai turntable


Hope you can help?

Have brought a Akai ATT022U turntable. When I brought it, I was told by the shop that I would be able to play my LP’s through the computer and also record to the computer.

Couldnt with the old computer, but now upgraded to a windows 8, samsung 8 pc.

Have installed a newer version of audacity, powered the turntable up and connected via the usb cable.

I have then followed the instructions for recording projects towards the back of the manual. Seems as though the set up has changed now and cant follow the bouncing ball.

Thought it may be ok, so saved a project and started recording.

No noise coming out and the line was 0 on the recording track. That tells me that nothing is happening at all.

Any help or suggestions please ?



Do you see the USB device in your recording devices? Ensure it’s selected as Default.

Once in Audacity, click the drop down box next to the microphone icon and select the USB device/Turntable.

Where you see the volume sliders at the top is another mic, click the arrow and select Start Monitoring. Play an LP and you should see red bars monitoring. That means Audacity is seeing something. :wink:



sorry for the length of time on replying. ( didn’t realise you had until I thought about having another go at this dammed turntable.

By recording devices - should that come up in audacity or in the windows 8 settings . ( when I plugged the usb cable in, it didn’t come up as an extra device on the computer)

I can see the drop down box but cant open it.

Microphone volume sliders - yes that bit is working!

I might try and upgrade my audacity programme. Its currently 1.2.6

Going to be that simple, going to kick myself when its worked out!



Please do that. Audaciy 1.2.6 is obsolete and no longer supported.
If you still have problems after upgrading there are other things we could suggest, but you should upgrade in the first instance.

You can get the latest version from here:



So it didn’t appear as a device on the computer? Lets set aside Audacity for a minute because Audacity only sees what the PC will see.

When you plug the USB in, does the PC make a noise (Ding dong) to indicate it’s picked “something” up? If it doesn’t, try a different USB port. If the unit came with software+drivers try installing them before plugging the USB device in. Might need to hunt around online for more up to date (specifically for Windows 8) drivers.

Once you get the unit displaying in your sound devices on the computer, Audacity will work. :wink: