installing audacity for XP ezcap usb cassette capture

I bought the EZcap USB cassette capture and tried to install the accompanying mini cd in my Lenovo x60 laptop but the computer could’t even detect the cd. When I plugged in the device the new hardware wizard kept asking for the cd, which didn’t work (I checked it on another computer, same thing happened), so I downloaded audacity.exe, which is what the cd was supposed to install. But I do not have the driver for the ezcap, or at least I don’t know how to install audacity as the driver for the hardware so that excap skips searching for new software to install and loads audacity. Currently I have audacity installed but there is no connection to the hardware. Nothing in audacity plays when I press play on the usb cassette player, and I also am not able to set the device settings in audacity to “USB radio device”). Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Get the latest Audacity from the SourceForge site:


Hi WC, THanks for your reply. I downloaded the latest version of audacity in my initial attempt to solve the problem but it didn’t work. How do I ensure that ezcap connects to that version?

the EZcap doesn’t actually “connect to” any version of Audacity - basically you need to plug it in and then let (or get) Windows to see the device. Then whatever version of Audacity you run will also then see the USB device.

See this set of tutorials in the Manual:

especially this one:

When trying to run a particular version of Audacity just make sure that you don’t have another (different version no) Audacity already running - as otherwise it will invoke a second copy of the version you already have running. You can check the version running from Help > About Audacity….