Increasing volume of one side of a recorded call

Is there an easy way to increasing volume of one side of a recorded call which is really low ?

Do you mean “one side” as in “left or right”?

Let me read this back to you.

“I tried to record the Far side of a cellphone call using the Voice Recorder feature of the phone.”

Voice recorders are intended for the Near side of a conversation or straight local recording. Any far voice you manage to get into the recording is a result of environment echo or accidental internal cellphone leakage. The far voice is almost never recoverable and in some locations, illegal.


I’m not sure if you understood what I’m trying to achieve.
I have two human speakers, one from each side, one of them is being heard in a very low volume.
I want to amplify the lower parts of Speaker 1 and leave the normal parts of Speaker 2 as they are.

Please see this topic - is this what you are trying to do?
If it is, then please see the second post in that topic for my reply.