Edit the volume of a recorded phone conversation help

I recently downloaded the 2.0.3 version .exe installer.

I have been openly recording conversations between my grandmother and myself on my android for with a “phone call recorder” app.

when I play back the conversation on my home computer I can hear myself loud and clear, but her conversations is not so loud .

I want to know how can I use Audacity to lower the volume on my voice and raise it on her voice.
Thank you…please spell it out in real basic terms, step by step. As I am new to this.

The best way is to painstakingly go through using the Envelope Tool to adjust the volume up and down. http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/envelope_tool.html

If you want a quicker way, you could try this “Automatic Gain Control” plug-in effect: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/agc-automatic-gain-control/26706/1

In my experience, recording phone conversations is frustratingly disappointing, because you’re at the mercy of whatever phone system is being used.

If you are old-school like me, hard-wired landline-to-landline is as good as it gets… not that it was that good to start with. There’s no dropouts, and usually modern day handsets have some rudimentary compression or gain control built in. The bandwidth is nothing to text home about, however. Problem: you need to go all Watergate with some hard-wired stuff that Radio Shack doesn’t have anymore. (Maybe Jameco can help… with the caveat that recording phone conversations in the USA is only legal with all parties’ informed consent.)

Seriously, I’m begging. Someone do something.
Even if you’ve got the most blazing speed on your system, there’s no guarantee it won’t drop out. Phase and amplitude distortions abound, and as you’ve witnessed, there’s no balance between the caller and the receiving end.

In addition to the Envelope tool, I would also highlight your grandmother’s voice waveforms, and use Amplify on the Effect menu. Since you can see how soft her voice is, you can set the boost amount and keep it consistent. Make sure not to check the box that says “allow clipping”.
After which, if there’s still some discrepancies, highlight the whole conversation and Normalize everything (Effect–Normalize, set peaks at -2 to allow for sufficient headroom).

Thank you both, I will get started on this tonight. I am though having a hard time understanding how to add plug-ins, Specifically the AGC - Automatic Gain Control plug-in. I have downloaded the attachment from the thread that contains the plug-in, but not sure how to install. Very new to this so dont flame me guys, thanks.

disregard I have found how to add plug-ins…thanks guys.

how can I find the plug Automatic Gain Control plug-in. and add it to the plugin I have this plug-in Effect tab

sorry for poor English

When you have downloaded the agc.ny file, put it into the Audacity Plug-ins folder. On Windows computers, this is usually under “Program Files”.
Then restart Audacity. The AGC effect should then appear in the Effect menu below the dividing line.