Increasing Bass - Audacity 2.0.2 Windows XP Pro


Is there any easy way to increase the base of a .mp3 song?

I tired watching a youtube video and had the volume up as high as possible but could hardly hear hear it and their screen was so tiny I couldn’t really see what they were doing.

Can I just slide a “bass bar”?

Thanks so much.


Note that if you are listening on little computer speakers, you won’t hear any increase in bass because little computer speakers don’t produce bass frequencies.


In my version under Effect I just have Bass Boost - nothing for Treble.

When I move the slider to the right increasing the bass it sounds garbled.

Maybe I just can’t augment the bass in this song?

Even it sits possible, it’s probably trial and error on each audio recording.


You are using an obsolete version of Audacity.
The current version is Audacity 2.1.1 and is available here: Audacity ® | Free, open source, cross-platform audio software for multi-track recording and editing.
See here for system requirements: Audacity ® | Free, open source, cross-platform audio software for multi-track recording and editing.
See also: Important information for Windows XP users.


What are the advantages I’ll gain by upgrading my version to 2.1.1?

Will I sacrifice any feature, function or ease of use by upgrading from my current version?

Will I notice how I must perform tasks differently (more complicated?) with version 2.1.1?

Thanks so much.

Basic operation of Audacity is much the same.
Benefits are: There are many enhancements, quite a lot of new features, and loads of bug fixes, plus you can get technical support for the current version here on the forum.
The possible downside is that if your computer does not meet the System Requirements, the new version will not run, in which case I would recommend using Audacity 2.0.6.

It is generally best to have only one version of Audacity installed at a time, but all old versions are still available.

I searched for system requirements under the FAQ but I didn’t see what they are for either version 2.1.1 or 2.0.6.

What are the system requirements for version 2.1.1?
Could you please share the link to that version?

What are the system requirements for version 2.0.6?
Could you please share the link to that version?

Thank you.

See here for system requirements for the current (2.1.1) version of Audacity:
Audacity 2.0.6 does not require SSE2.


Thank you!

Version 2.1.1 looks identical to my older version but has those very helpful bass and treble controls.

Fun to use!

Thank you again.

i find the only way to get good bass recordings is to use a more powerful type of cassette deck to import your music ,rather than the hand held tape decks, which to my mind always seem a bit tinny. then again you can always alter the bass on your hi-fi player i suppose.i cant see any other way of altering bass in audacity though.mickthefish.

You mean apart from this effect shipped as standard in Audacity: Audacity Manual
As mentioned by Steve in his initial response in this thread …

And for finer control try this: Audacity Manual


I have an old cassette deck sitting on a table (they’re difficult to find now) and I’m not sure what grade of audio it turns out but with the help of the bass/treble sliders the tapes sound good enough for my non-aficionado listening capability.

I’m ever so grateful to the Audacity developers for creating and continuing to improve this remarkable program matched only by their generosity in sharing it for free. I wish there was some way I could share my appreciation with them besides this post.

If you like, I can forward your comments to our Team (developers and support helpers).

Donations are one way of showing your appreciation - only if you can and want to, of course.


Hi Gale,

I wish I was in a place financially to donate and I will try my best to one day do so when I’m better situated.

Please do share my comments as they are heartfelt and full of true appreciation.

I was sharing with a friend today how many times users are confronted with a new version and the good and easy-to-use features are dropped so the new version looks completely different and the helpful features are gone.

I was very concerned about downloading 2.1.1 as my older version worked well but I thought now “those freakin’ developers” are going to screw it all up and make me have to learn all its functions all over again - like a very well-known software company who’s notorious for doing that.

Instead I was pleasantly surprised not only did everything look identical to my older version but the added features worked so easily for even Forest Gump like me.

Now, Audacity is my standard. When users and others chat about software development I ask - “Why cant you develop new versions like “those freakin’ developers” over at Audacity? As Chris Berman with ESPN would exhort - C’mon, man!”

Merci - Grazi - Danca - Mucho gracias.

This page from the Audacity Wiki may be of use to you: Missing features - Audacity Support


Another good tip is to rewind the tape all the way to the end and then back again before making the playback for recording as this re-tensions the tape.

I think I’ll add that to the Wiki article I pointed you at.


Did you mean “retensions” - makes taut again :confused:


Yes, doncha hate spell-checkers and auto-correct sometimes :blush:

Fixed the original post :sunglasses:



hi steve -you mention that you cant get bass on “tiny computer speakers”,howevever you get excellant bass if you plug a good set of earphones into the ear else can you monitor what youve recorded?.

waxcylinder wrote:
Another good tip is to rewind the tape all the way to the end and then back again before making the playback for recording as this re-tensions the tape.

this is a great tip & prevents auto shutdowns on the tape player when recording…You could also use an old tape player to rewind them on mass saving wear & tear on your main player–mickthefish.