In the export tab, all options are grayed out except midi export

When I want to export my MIDI file to WAV, all options are grayed out, except export MIDI. I have read all the posts on this subject, but nothing works: I have selected the area that I want to export, the reading is indeed stopped and not only paused.
Please help me, there must be something I didn’t see.

Excellent question. So as it turns out, Audacity has extremely limited MIDI capabilities. Converting a MIDI file to audio is something Audacity cannot do. :frowning:

May I suggest doing a Google search “convert MIDI to WAV”? :smiley:

Now here’s a workaround for you.

  1. launch Audacitty
  2. Import the MIDI file
  3. set the host to be WASAPI and the recording device to be loopback - in the device toolbar or in Devices preferences
  4. Ensure Play other tracks while recording (overdub) is on in Recording preferences
  5. Move cursor tp T=0#
  6. Press Record
  7. Press Stop whe the MIDI file finishes
  8. delete the MIDI track (this is probably optional)
  9. Export the recorded track.


P.S. To make this process simpler I did log this Feature Request a while back#
Render MIDI tracks to audio #2393