Improvement of Fit to height option.

Dear experts! I want to suggest an improvement to the Fit to height option. By default, the file after import looks like this (Figure 1). After selecting Fit to height, the view changes (Figure 2). But the fact is that a narrow strip is still preserved from the lower border of the diagram to the bottom of the screen. It is annoying and to complete, I have to stretch the border with the mouse to the bottom of the screen, so that we get a picture3. To avoid double work, is it possible to change the Fit to height action so that the file immediately assumes the form, as in Figure 3, is full. Thank you!

For example, double click. The first - as it is now. And the second - already fully occupies the screen, which is what the topic is about.

That “narrow strip” is the horzontal scroll bar - it is a fundamental part of the Audacity window and cannot be removed, It enable you to horizantally scroll the waveform. It has a close sibling the vericla scroll bar at the right of the waveform display.

What you can do if you really want more height to play with is the hide any toolbars you don’t want (use View>Toolbars and uncheck them) or float them free of the Audacity window - see:


It is not a “horizontal scroll bar”. This is empty space, absolutely unnecessary for me.

OK so you really wanna get rid of the dark gray unused space - just click and drag down on the bottom or the waveform - and for maximum wave height do as I suggested earlier and float the toolbars.
Tallest waveform.gif

Maybe you need a bigger monitor. There’s plenty of space on a 1920 x 1080 display:


The fact of the matter, dear editors, is that dragging the mouse to the bottom comes with each entry. Furious.

Personally, I don’t see the problem. There’s a bit of space below the track - so what? I’m typing here and there is space below my typing :confused:

So it looks prettier.

but it is less functional as you can’t so easily see if there’s another track below, and if there is a track below, you can’t bring it into view with a single click.

If you want to build your own customised version, you would need to find “void DoZoomFitV(AudacityProject &project)” in the source file “ViewMenus.cpp”, then locate the lines:

   // Find total height to apportion
   auto height = viewInfo.GetHeight();
   height -= 28;

and change it to:

   // Find total height to apportion
   auto height = viewInfo.GetHeight();
   height -= 4;

Instructions for building Audacity on Windows are here: Missing features - Audacity Support

Thank you! The cutomized version is now difficult for me. But I’ll add that if Fit to height is selected, the second track will not be added exactly, it is not planned. In general, I don’t know how it is with others, but in most cases I need only one track. As exeption - to rarely mix white noise.

I reformulate the improvement. Is it possible then to foresee the menu selection, that the picture that opens at Fit to height, full vertical screen, appears right after each entry into the editor? That is, by default (of course, you can change) this picture opens.

Roughly speaking, the menu item Preferences. Choose, what the vertical track size will be:

  1. Half-height of the screen (default).
  2. Full screen.
    As the user decides, so every time. And of course, ideally, that the full screen would be really full screen.