importing songs from Audacity to iTunes?

I just downloaded my new Cassette Tape to MP3 converter software to my PC (Windows 7). I recorded one side of a cassette and saved the songs to the Audacity folder, not knowing what else to do. Now I want to add them to my Apple iTunes account so I can play the music on my iPhone and iPad mini via the iClound. I hope I did not purchase the wrong device – or someone will be able to help me with a workaround. Thanks in advance!

Most of the way there. Audacity doesn’t save sound files. It saves Projects which don’t open anywhere else.

However you can File > Export many different file types and if you have Audacity 2.3.2, MP3 is one of those types. If they’re stereo shows (two sets of blue waves) you should export at least 128 quality, Constant Bit Rate. 256 Quality is better.

Those should slide right into iTunes. Once in iTunes, you can create a Playlist and arrange the songs however you like. Without the playlist, you’re likely to be stuck with alphabetic listing of the song titles—computer sorting.

Note, if you are going to do production or extended editing or sound management, you should do that in much higher quality WAV rather than MP3. For example, if you plan on burning an Audio CD, don’t use MP3 anywhere.

This is the on-line manual. Scroll down to Use in Other Applications on the left.


Also on that page, scroll down on the right in tutorials.

Copying Tapes to CD, etc.


Especially this one:

and this workflow:


Thanks for the info! I still have a headache from all the brain exercises yesterday. I don’t plan to do anything remotely sophisticated – I just want to enjoy some of the cassettes that I have not played in a long time. Glad to have found this forum.