Importing order

When I import multiple tracks, it does it alphabetically. How do I change it so that it imports by track number?

When I import multiple tracks

From what?

If it’s a Music CD, then you’re stuck with Windows in the middle which insists on alphabetic filenames. I don’t think there’s a way to get around it… The other elves will be along.


You don’t. Audacity imports alphabetically.
Your options are:

  • Rename the files before importing so that the alphabetic order matches the track order.
  • Import the files one at a time.
  • Rearrange the tracks into the desired order after you import them.

There are various ways to re-order tracks in Audacity.

  1. You can click and drag the track control panel (left end of the track).
  2. You can name the tracks appropriately and then sort the tracks by name.

perhaps the easiest way to do this is thus: 01 , 02 , 03 , etc,


I figured as much. Thanks for the reply.