Importing multiple files, but not all on top of each other


I recently had a major error with an audio file with almost two hours of audio that I can’t afford to lose. Basically, I tried to clear space on my hard drive, and moved a bunch of files to an external hard drive. I accidentally moved the file that i was working in. The raw data files made it onto the external hard drive, but when I go to open the file i had saved, it can’t find them.

I have the backup files on the external hard drive, and I tried to import them all, 256 at a time, as that is how they’re saved in the folder. However, when I import them, they all layer directly over top of each other. It would take me ages to move and lineup each individual clip. Is there a way to import the files in consecutive order rather than moving each one frame by frame?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry, no - “Import Appended” is a long-standing Feature Request (would you like me to add your vote for this?).

Fortunately there is a simple work around.

  1. Use Ctrl+A to select all the tracks

  2. Use Tracks > Align Tracks > Align end to end

  3. Export …


Thanks so much for the fast reply. This definitely helps!

However, not I’m running into a new issue, where the clips are imported, but not quite in order. Is there a way to import the files based on their time stamp? I tried sorted by the date modified in the desktop folder, and dragging them in there, but they are still a bit all over the place. Re arranging thousands of clips is going to wear me out!

Thanks again.

Files import in name order. It is not configurable. So as of now, you would have to rename by timestamp order.

Do you want to vote for an option to import by timestamp order?