Importing files

I have been using Adobe audition for a number of years to record music and audio for a local rodio station.

I have tried Audacity but find it does not seem to have a similar feature that Audition has.

When I import on Audition the files are listed on a left hand menu and then can be dragged on to a single file in order, however in Audacity each file is loaded Individually and if importing multiple tracks they appear individually on there own track horizontally and they then have to be dragged individually on to the recording track.

I am sure there is an easier way but have been unable to find it.



All you have to do is line everything up for play time no matter how many vertical tracks it takes. Audacity will smash everything into one sound track when you File > Export.


And if you want them all lined up one after the other automatically:

  1. Select > All
  2. Tracks > Align Tracks > Align End to End

You can then either work on each track individually or mash them into a single track with

  1. Tracks > Mix > Mix and Render


Got them all in one track but now I want to add audio between each track.
What I do with Audition is load all the music into the top track
On the second track I add the audio lining the first audio up to the end of the first track and then moving the second music track up to the end of the audio and so on.

Then I mix down to a third track. I can either load all the music into the first track or load them one at a time as I add the audio. I prefer to do the former as I can adjust the music tracks to suit the time I have available. I record one hour slots (a program I do for a local radio Station)

Should also point out I am 80+ and whilst reasonably familiar with Audition am having problems relating it to Audacity.

I started 25 years ago with Cool Edit pro then went to Audition 1.0 and am still running that version, with upgrade to software I am not sure how much longer I will be able to run Audition, it is a bit clunky on Windoze 7 which I am running at the moment.

Does that Make Sense


  1. import track-1
  2. import “the audio”
  3. import track-2
  4. import “the audio”
  5. import track-3
  6. import “the audio”
  7. import track-4

and then the do the align tracks and mix & render.

Peter - also aged, long-in-the-tooth, and long retired :wink:

An alternative approach if you want to to retain each song and each repeated “audio clip” as separate clips, but all still in the same track (could be useful for editing:

  1. Import Track-1
  2. Import the “audio clip”
  3. Select the “audio clip”
  4. copy the “audio clip” to the Audacity clipboard - Ctrl+C shortcut
  5. place cursor at end of Track-1
  6. Ctrl+V to paste the “audio clip”
  7. import Track-2
  8. drag it up to the top track so that it starts where “audio clip” finishes (and delete the now-empty track)
  9. place cursor at end of Track-2
  10. Ctrl+V to paste the “audio clip”
  11. import Track-3
  12. drag it up to the top track so that it starts where “audio clip” finishes (and delete the now-empty track)
    multi-clip import.png
    You can now delete the i]“audio clip”[/i] track - or just mute it