Importing Audio, Reversing Audio, and Paulstretch

  1. File > Import > Audio
  2. I imported the song “Cool for Cats” by Squeeze :sunglasses:
  3. I selected the chorus section of the song and cut it out
  4. Tracks > Add New > Stereo Track
  5. I copy and pasted the chorus section onto the new track and deleted the original one
  6. Tracks > Stereo Track to Mono
  7. I selected the audio
  8. I went the the “Effect” bar and clicked “reverse”
  9. I then selected “Paulstretch” in the “Effect” section
  10. I set the “Stretch Factor” to 10 and the “Time Resolution” to 0.25 seconds
  11. I then used the envelope tool to gradually decrease the volume at the end of the track
  12. I also used the “Studio Fade Out” effect to make this more extreme :ugeek:

Cool :sunglasses:

Would make the good basis of a sound-track for SCUBA diving videos (would make a great change from the ubiquitous Enya stuff that most diver videographers used a few years ago … ) :sunglasses:


And this is me writing that “recipe” down to try it later on other tracks :slight_smile:

Enya-fication of any music is possible with a VST plugin called DTBlkFx

DTBlkFxs with my Enya-fier settings.gif
Enya-fier.xml (479 Bytes)
Suggestion : apply Paulstretch on default settings (10x 0.25s) after Enya-fication.