“Imagine a world where Audacity evolves harnessing the power of PortMidi to become the ultimate DAW

“Embark on an auditory adventure with A-DAWCITY —a visionary leap that transforms Audacity into a DAW PortMidi maybe. This fusion promises a seamless blend of user-friendly design (few bugs) and advanced production capabilities, paving the way for the cheapest light weight DAW experience on the planet. that sounded better in my head… Anyway A-DAWCITY is not just a concept; it’s the future of sound engineering, where the simplicity of Audacity meets the expansive possibilities of MIDI, all under the umbrella of open-source innovation. and potential streams of revenue with sound packs and sound fonts”
Someone else has to see it… I mean Audacity is so close to being a Daw maybe we call it ADAWCITY, or well maybe AUDAWCITY, or maybe just DAWCITY. I mean it must be possible to use a library for example PortMidi is a cross-platform, open-source MIDI library and you can already load midi files into Audacity. And PortMidi supports both real-time and non-real-time MIDI communication plus It provides a high-level interface for accessing MIDI devices and messages, making it suitable for various MIDI applications, potentially including A-DAW-CITY

Fyi. PortMidi is licensed under the MIT License, so no conflict with any business model looking forward. I’ve got it A-Daw…!!.. or maybe not A-Daw is pretty bad as far as a name goes, but it could be made and if it was, I truly believe that could be the best DAW on the planet. Audacity’s simplicity with Extended Production support​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Thanks For Your Time Mr. Hulse Ceo @ Hysterical Productions LCC

Ps. I hear Ai Can code C++ C and Python, Works well enough with copilot…

A couple of notes here.

Audacity doesn’t edit sound files. It edits Projects. That’s why you are invited to Export sound files from the finished Project when you get done. Also why Audacity insists you save a Project at the end of a session—and you can’t get around it.

MIDI isn’t sound. MIDI is machine control. To edit a MIDI song, Audacity first has to convert it to sound and then edit the sound. That process is fraught with errors. If you play a MIDI song on three different players, you may get three different sounds.

This can be an eyebrow raiser. MIDI doesn’t play a piano tune. It plays a tune on whatever piano your MIDI player happens to like.

It’s easy to play a MIDI song on the wrong instrument.


Looking at the direction of travel that Muse is embarking upon with Audacity it looks to me as though Muse is heading in the direction of turning Audacity into a DAW rater than just a simple audio editor and recorder.