Im looking for instructions for Wave Stat w/Aud 2.0 on Mac

I’m new user of Audacity and need to locate comprehensive instruction or tutorial to begin using the ny.stat plugin I have downloaded to my Audacity 2.0 folder.

Appreciate any help in locating the material.

If you want a comprehensive tutorial you should write a comprehensive and clear question.

If you mean stats.ny, please see this topic: "Wave Stats" plug-in NY files should be placed in the Plug-Ins folder in your Audacity installation folder, then restart Audacity.

Audacity 2.0 is now old, please update to latest 2.0.5 from Audacity ® | Downloads .


Thank you Gale for pointing out my dyslexic typo of stats.ny and recommendation of update to latest Audacity version. What I am asking for is how to obtain a written set of instructions that will provide a new user of Audacity the step by step instructions for utilizing the plugin ( not an example of an end product of the plugin use) , if such a set of basic instructions exists. Every new piece of technology even if still experimental may have specific or detailed requirements that require or are benefitted by basic instruction steps or tutorial, especially for those just learning the topic or field. Technical language and procedural format are basic to most research , development, and use. Is there such a descriptive tutorial that describes in detail, the parameters of the plugin and the steps in order for its use, and if so, where can I locate it ?

The only “instructions” that currently exist are the notes in the topic that Gale gave the link for.
stats.ny is not an official release plug-in in any sense and will probably change before it is “released” on the Audacity wiki. I posted it on the forum so that Audacity users could try it out and provide feedback on which I could base a “release version”.

Please feel free to write a tutorial. There should be enough information in that topic to work out how to use it. If you have specific questions, please ask and I’ll try to answer your questions, but I don’t have time to write a detailed tutorial right now, particularly as future versions are likely to be different.