Ignores selected area and exports the whole recording

I have been transferring old cassette music tapes onto my computer as MP3. I start off by recording the whole tape onto Audacity and then extracting each track off by highlighting the track, then File/export/export as MP3, enter file name, fill in the pop up box and enter… saves track.

Have successfully done quite a bit but suddenly I am having an issue where the selected area [single song track] is now being ignored and, when exporting the selected area as MP3, it now saves the whole audio file, ignoring the selected area.

I have tried selecting the area by dragging, by selecting it via ‘start and end of selection’ and by ‘start and length of selection’. All methods still result in the selected area being ignored and saves the entire recording.

I have done a search for anything similar, could not find anything. I have also uninstalled Audacity and reinstalled it, no change. I am using the latest version 2.2.2 and windows 10 64 bit.

What have I managed to do wrong somewhere during the process?? :blush:

So what command are you using to export?

To export a selection you need File > Export > Export Selected Audio

See this page in the manual: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/file_menu_export.html#export_selected_audio


Thanks, will give that go.

Just cant figure why it stopped doing what I had been doing for hours of recording, must have somehow altered something??

Really great piece of software anyway!!! It’s full capabilities are way beyond my senile old brain, just wanting to get my stash of old tapes into something usable as they are deteriorating just sitting in a box.

You would assume if you selected a portion of your music that Audacity would take the hint and only export that one portion. But no. Audacity has a special export command that pays attention to your selection.

File > Export > Export Selected Audio

I can make this worse. If you think this has been working perfectly for weeks, you should probably check those files and make sure you got what you wanted.


Havnt had it record something totally different to what I selected… yet.

Figured out how to label and copy multiple tracks in one go also so they separate into single tracks, good for shuffle playing.

Still think it is great software :mrgreen: :mrgreen: