I think is a good quality but RMS is out of standards

How I can fix just the RMS level?

Is this a acceptable quality?

The track has very low volume. I applied Audiobook Mastering …


… and very gentle 6, 6, 6 noise reduction and got the work to pass Audiobook Technical Standards.

Screen Shot 2019-06-01 at 12.27.23.png

You can’t use the mastering tools one at a time. If I correct the RMS, Peak will not pass. You have to use the tools in order.

This is a short version of the wiki posting.

Screen Shot 2019-06-01 at 13.44.19-b.png


Thanks koz.

I’m trying with an external slightly professional microphone and audacity
I got this result, is no too bad, I did apply just noise reduction 1 time, the problem I’m out of RMS level,

and If I’ll do the mastering process like you’ve suggest, the file will be shit, the peak to high and the noise amplified
Just like this is no too bad, but I’m out RMS!!!

what I can do to fix it?

I’ve achieve this, it meets the quality standard, after did mastering and I’ve done normalize and another pass I don’t remember

It would pass the ACX QC?

third test I’ve done,

Same microphone, I did use external software to record, and audacity to master!

I need to wait to go home to listen.

I think we’re playing word games. RMS means loudness. It’s not magic. If you’re work has low RMS, that just means it’s not loud enough.

The noise measurement isn’t that crazy, either. When you stop announcing, your background room noise has to be 1000 times quieter than your voice. That’s what -60dB means.

When you stop talking, your background noise isn’t quiet enough. That’s a very common problem with home performers.



test audacity microfono esterno3.mp3

That works. It passes ACX Check.

It sounds like you’re talking in a church. Sometimes the publisher is OK with that and sometimes not. It’s between you and them.

Audacity can not take out big room echoes.


ok thank you KOZ I will go ahead like that, the publisher will accept, my first worries is the ACX quality check. I have 2 books to narrate this month, I’m going to work.

Is definitely much better than the voice recorder I was using last week.

Many thanks, I’ve done a donation 2 weeks ago I hope you’ve did receive it.


You can send a short test to ACX before you read a whole book.


Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 07.45.27.png
Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 07.46.39.png
That and the sample has to conform to their technical standards: Peak, RMS, Noise.

When you apply Limiter, remember to change the limit setting to -3.5 rather than the default -3.0. If you leave it 3.0, you have no room for error. Any mistake and the work will fail standards.