I say goodbye

Dear friends, users, colleagues, everyone who loves audacity:

I have been involved with this project since 2002/2003 approximately. That’s a huge chunk of my life.

I have requested to James Crook to move my name to Emeritus status.

I have replied to infinite emails, helped a HUGE amount of people for the past 17 years about Audacity and it’s IT infrastructure (Forum, Wiki, Bugzilla, etc). I pushed for better websites, better performance, better security. I always made myself freely available, and have always received a HUGE amount of “THANK YOU” and lots of love, and made new friends all over the world.

I have laughed, I have cried, I have yelled, I have been the one to talk privately with people, trying to understand what’s wrong, what’s right, and trying to make people be happy.

Today I am no longer happy doing that. I feel like an outsider, like a system administrator that is always heard when a problem arises, but never before. Today I feel like a tool, not like a person.

Today my heart broke a little.

Today I leave, but I will also always be there. My email is well known, you can google “buanzo” and contact me easily.

I love Audacity. I love Dominic, James, Steve, Peter, Leland, Paul, Roger… so many wonderful WONDERFUL people.

I love you all. Please, be EXCELLENT to each other. Hate makes no sense. Let’s hope the future finds us all united, no frontiers, no hate, no xenophobia, no gender-identity hate. Just plain happiness.

That’s what I wish for all of you.

From my small, humble home in Argentina, I say again: I love you all.

A big, heartfelt thank you Buanzo for all of your work and help over the years, we couldn’t have managed without you. It has been a joy and privilege to have worked with you, and I guarantee that this is not the last that you hear from me. Wishing you and your family all the best for new beginnings.


Thank you, mate. And we know you mean that. There are copious pints in our future. :slight_smile: - Erica sends her love.

And let me add my extremely grateful thanks for all the work that Buanzo has done, not just on this Forum but on the broad spread of Audacity, in the areas of system administration, security and support. His work has been invaluable to the project.

I have very much valued my time working with you Arturo - we had fun … :sunglasses:



I, like millions of others have never met or communicated with you, yet your dedication and selfless work
with the Audacity project, has helped us all in countless ways.

You can certainly look back with pride with what you have helped to achieve.

I thank you.

May the new chapter in your life be filled with health, happiness and tranquility.

Gracias por todo y vaya con Dios.


I thank you for all you have done! We’ll miss you. :frowning:

Hi Paul2,

I’m lucky - I’m one of the few Audacitizens that’s met Buanzo - twice in fact - he’s a great guy.

We held to Audacity Unconferences for Audacity Team members (2014 and 2019) in the UK adnd we flew Buanzo over for both - these meetings were great bondings for the Team and really helped to move the project forwards.

BTW Buanzo is/was the Team’s “official beer taster”.


BTW Buanzo is/was the Team’s “official beer taster”.

Well in that case…
Screen Shot 2021-06-12 at 11.25.09 PM.png

I am totally saving that picture for eternity.

And those memories from the Audacity Unconferences… and everything.

Thank you for your kinds words everyone. Again, you can all find me online. I won’t disappear. I love what we’ve all created / supported / made alive.

As I have said in the “I am now in charge of Audacity. Seriously.” video on youtube (I love my audacity cup and use it every-single-day, btw) THE COMMUNITY. That’s the greatest asset.

Humanity in Software.

No, you are a great guy. Don’t make me blush jajaj… I am but a simple [official] beer taster!

See you soon.