I no longer see the "export multiple files" option

Until my most recent update I used the “export multiple files” option a lot. I no longer see this in the options. Can someone tell me where to find it?

All the Exports are now consolidated in a single File > Export Audio command:

When you select Multiple Files for the export range the dialog will enlarge so:


Thanks, that is very helpful. Can you also tell me how to edit meta-data of multiple files? That used to be one by one after selecting export multiple but it doesn’t work like before.

Ah, after some testing I see what you mean - but sorry I can’ tell you how to make that work as it note longer works with the new Export dialog in 3.4.x (and the latest alpha test build I have for the upcoming 3.5.0)

This is a regression bug that I have just logged on GitHub:
With new Multiple Files Export dialog user supplied Metadata applies only to the first exported file - and does not propagate to iTunes on import #5825

See also this Export Multiple regression bug:
v3.4.0 Meta data set default not working on audio export #5494


@DJBasBijleveld - so until that bug gets fixed (if it gets fixed) your on;t option is to revert to Audacity version 3.3.3 or earlier.


Thanks. Am not going back though. Just have to accept to have to do this manually for now.

It would be great if there would be an option to have that function back or something similar. What would also be a great option is to keep all the original file names and meta data. But for now, it is what it is.

@DJBasBijleveld when O
I transcribed all mu vinyl LPs and tapes I never bothered with metadata in Audacity - I did all my metadata management in iTunes after I had imported the files there.


I had the same metadata issue on Export of multiple files. I found a way to work through this until a fix is released. Hope it works for you.

In order to enter Metadata that will repeat with each file while Exporting multiple tracks based on labels, start by selecting Export Audio, Entire Project (part of Export Range). Edit Metadata, enter all fields desired; the system will fill in Track Title and Track Number while exporting. Then, before you actually export, select Multiple Files (part of Export Range). The metadata fields will be filled in for each file in the export range.


That is a GREAT workaround. :sunglasses:

I will add this to the bug thread in the GitHub issues log - as it may cast some insight for the developers enabling them to fix it.

Thanks for posting that.

Done: see With new Multiple Files Export dialog user supplied Metadata applies only to the first exported file - and does not propagate to iTunes on import · Issue #5825 · audacity/audacity · GitHub


Thanks, I will try that with my next batch.

Thanks, I am yet to try the proposed workaround. Now when exporting multiple files, it keeps the original meta data of the last file but changes the track titles to the file name.

Now I have to change the meta data afterwards but will try this workaround on the next batch. Luckily I mainly use it for files with no more info than year, genre, artist and track and do it with batches of the same year and genre. So it is not too much of a hassle. The exceptions I do one by one for now.

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