I have a unique amplifing problem I need help with

I have an hour audio file (recorded show) that someone records with two different people talking in the show. One person’s audio level is fine, the second one is really low. The two people alternate talking back and forth throughout the show, which is about an hour long. Now, to the problem. Is there anyway that Audacity can amplify ONLY the low parts of the file and bring them up equal to the others. i.e. can it bring up the really low voice only and make it get close to matching the level of the louder voice in the file. I have had to just go through and individually do this in the past and it take forever to do it.

Many thanks in advance if you have any suggestions!

A plugin for Audacity called LevelSpeech.ny

Or this AGC plugin … https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/audacity-instead-of-levelator/46995/8

Thank you! That is similar to what problem I have. I look forward to trying this out.


Worked like a charm…did exactly what I needed!


One person’s audio level is fine, the second one is really low.

Don’t run off. How did you record the show? Is this a Skype recording?

did exactly what I needed!

Which one? There were two programs in that post. We’re here to aid each other. This isn’t a help desk.