I can't visit this forum other than with VPN. (repeat)

I have a question - why can I only visit this forum with vpn? When I try to visit it without vpn an error appears and the website doesn’t load. The message says “This site can’t be reached”.
Please tell me what to do or how to fix it.
The “old” topic was closed, but the probltm still lasts, more than a year. Please, restore the normal access, because the current situation is no good.

Are you referring to this post: Can’t visit the website without vpn

Perhaps @LWinterberg will have some thoughts…

Does it do it on more than one computer or more than one browser? You can get a system stuck on assuming addresses or locations are bad by accident. One friend connected to a bad link on “yahoo.com” and his machine assumed that all yahoo.com addresses were bad. It wiped out my and several friend’s emails in one go.

I don’t know how to fix it.


It may depend on the quality of your vpn’s proxies, and its legitimate…

It’s probably some kind of “protection” software on your computer or it could be your ISP.

Where I work they block gambling websites (I can’t check the lotto results) but if use my phone and bypass their network , or turn-on the phone’s hot-spot I can get it.

The problem steadily repeats itself in browers Opera and Google Chrome and on different machines. It looks like the forum is banned in Russia. Please, check, whether it’s really so and explain, why.

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