Can’t visit the website without vpn

I have a question - why can I only visit this forum with vpn? When I try to visit it without vpn an error appears and the website doesn’t load. The message says “This site can’t be reached”.
Please tell me what to do or how to fix it.

You might have some anti-virus or “safe browsing” software on your computer that thinks this site is dangerous. Or, if you are on a computer at work, your employer may be blocking it.

Where I work I can get here, but I can’t check the lottery results because gambling-related sites are blocked. (I assume they block porn too, and I don’t know what else.) It’s something on the network… When I bring-in my home computer I’m still blocked. But, I can bypass that “protection” by using my cell phone (directly or as a Wi-Fi hotspot).

I don’t use any safe browsing software or anti-virus except for a built-in Windows one. Also, I only try to go on the website from home, so it’s not my employer blocking it. I’m not sure what the issue is but I can’t visit this forum without a vpn, even though I didn’t have any problems earlier, like 2 or 3 weeks ago. Using my cell phone is also not an option for me. Do you think there might be some other solutions?

This forum does not work properly with old internet browsers.
Maybe your VPN browser is more recent, and compatible.

My browser is Google Chrome, it’s up to update. What does it mean, how can it be explained (see screenshot)? When I use browser extension “browsec”, everything’s fine. Please, help me to visit the forum normally!

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