I can't hear music while doing the labeling, trimming part of editing

I’m new to this, so I’m sure that I’m just missing a setting or something like that. I’m transferring a ton of vinyl from my youth (I’m 72) to iTunes. When I’m in the labeling/editing stage of things, I don’t know how to listen to, for example, the end of a record to figure out where I want to cut. I can see the likely spot on the meter, but that isn’t the same as hearing the shift from fade out to silence. I hope someone can help. Thanks.

Try using Timeline QuickPlay - see:

Or you can simply click the cursor in the position in the waveform you want to start playing from and Press Play



This YouTube video might help. It shows a complete workflow for recording vinyl. I thought it was clearly explained.

Mark B


Thanks, but this is why I can’t figure out what is wrong. I’m doing exactly what you suggest, and I can see the meter bouncing and the cursor line moving, but I get no sound from my stereo or computer speakers. I used the program a great deal ago several years ago and had no problem. Thanks again for offering a suggestion.


Fades are easier to spot in spectrogram view

Thanks. I may have to go with this method although I’d really prefer to be able to hear it.


Mark B,

I watched the entire video (actually, I had watched most of it a few days ago when I was trying to refamiliarize myself with Audacity), but my issue isn’t addressed. When the guy in the video gets to the part where he wants to clip the beginnings or part of his voiceover, he simply pushes play and we hear the audio. I push play and I hear nothing. Thanks for trying to help. Much appreciated.

Mark P

If you can hear software other than Audcaity, (e.g. internet browser, or media player).
The track could be muted in Audacity … Audio Tracks - Audacity Manual

or Playback level slider could be zeroed in Audacity.
Recently the level sliders were incorporated into the meters so are difficult to spot
(see rectangles on the extreme right of the picture below).
_Recording and Playback Meter Toolbar

or maybe you need to select another playback device in Audacity …

It was the slider ! Thank you! I never would have stumbled on to this.

I glad you got it sorted.

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