I cannot get help from Audacity

I received a “Tape to MP3 Converter” a week ago from Audacity. However, it is missing the necessary software to get it running. I have been trying to contact somebody from Audacity for several days with no luck. There are no phone numbers to call, no people to text. Whenever I thought I was getting close, I was always taken to a site where they want to charge me more money to text an individual. Any software I found online is useless because it doesn’t make it so the converter is recognized by my computer. I have a brand new computer running Windows 11. If I am not contacted by an Audacity representative by Monday, I am removing the charge from my credit card and you can tell me how to return the converter.

You obviously didn’t get Audacity from the official Muse download site:

It is free to download from there.

Unfortunately there are rogues out there that try to scam folk by selling them for a charge something that is available for free - unfortunately you are one of those who get conned like this.

And Muse, the owner’s of Audacity, do not sell “converters” - so you can’t ask them about returns.

Also be aware that most of these non-official sources rarely deliver the latest release with the newest features and latest bug-fixes.

And yes, stopping the charge on your credit card and indeed getting your card company to refund you for charges already made would be a good idea.

BTW Muse do not offer telephone support - nut they do have a Discord support channel and this Forum is a good place to get help with audacity.


The REAL Audacity is FREE! (Although it is perfectly legal to sell open-source software.)

Download the real Audacity from AudacityTeam.org

Audacity is an open source project. There is now a company behind it now but this user-to-user forum is the best place to get help. Or there is tons of information in the user manual or on the Audacity website.

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