I can’t hear myself when I punch and roll record

I’m a complete novice and can not figure out how to hear myself when I punch and roll record. I’m narrating an audiobook and using a blue yeti microphone. The audacity version I’m running is 2.3.2 and my system is a Mac running OS Sierra version 10.12.1. Has anyone figured out how to still hear yourself while doing the punch and roll record? Thanks!

Do you have Overdubbing selected?

Audacity > Preferences > Recording: [X] Overdub.

Also, you should be listening to your Yeti with headphones and have the Yeti as the Audacity playback device.


I’m narrating an audiobook

Your first? We publish audiobook mastering tools and diagnostic testing.


You can also post a sample of your voice on the forum and we can do quicky diagnostics—usually much faster than ACX’s two week turnaround time.


And, yes, you can submit a test to ACX. Do Not read a whole book and only then stop to find out if the quality is high enough.