Hum remover.

Where did the export speed option go missing? (audacity 3.0.2 rc) Variable speed? Where you can choose Fast Standard. It’s out in this version!

Yes, it was removed for this 3.0.0 release.

This was done in response to an enhancement request raised last year
Bug 2511 - Enh: Remove the “Variable Speed: Fast / Standard” option from MP3 dialog


Yes, it’s a slow effect because it runs in a loop, once for each harmonic. Withe the settings that you posted it effectively runs 14 times.

It has been removed. The “fast” option in the LAME encoder refers to the “–vbr-new” command line option, which became the recommended option in 2005. Audacity now uses the recommended “fast” option automatically for VBR encoding.

Thank you! I have a question about Chris’s dynamics compressor, I’ll post a new topic later.