hum or buzz question..from a newbee

First off…HAPPY NEW YEAR and seasons greetings. I just got this Vibe USB turntable and I am finding there is quite a bit of hum in the recording. Actually looks like more on the left channel.
I suspect I have a cheesy turntable. Probably a very common problem but a quick search prior to posting didn`t bring up much other than rather advanced stuff. Any suggestions? I have a couple of pretty good REAL turntables but not sure what I need to make 'em work with this software.
Thanks in advance


If you’ve got some good real TTs then send back the hunk-of-junk USB TT (certainly sounds as though it may be faulty).

Assuming that the TT’s that you have don’t have inbuilt pre-amps then you will need a phono preamp at the least. It may be sufficient to connect TT=>Phono Pre-amp->computer - but often the onbaord soundcards in computers are not very good (Macs reckoned to better than PCs in this respect).

I would recommend getting a combined phono pre-amp and USB soundcard. There are several on the market now, but I would recommend the ARTcesseories USB Phono Plus- see:

I started out on my LP transfers with an ION USB TT - the electronics were good but the TT itself was poor quality as was the cartridge -so I soon junked it and revived my old Technics TT and gave it a home service. I bought a separate USB soundcard (Edirol UA-1EX) and phono pre-amp (ART DJ-Pre11). The USB Phono Plus is basically my pre-amp bundled with an integrated soundard. I have find the sound from the ART amp excellent and the build qulaityt is superb (if the bundled device had been available at my time of purchase I would have bought the USB Phono Plus).


The ART devices have a good grounding post - so you will need to connect the TT’s grounding wire to it (it’s normally a thin black wire terminated in a spade connector).


Thanks Waxcylinder

I see there is a dealer close by to me so I will check them out. Should also pull out my old turntables, make sure they still work. I have a tecknics and a pioneer that were pretty good . I see there are some issues on their site posted about windows 7 so I hope they are compatible.

I will let you know how it works out


If they are belt drive TTs you may want to consider replacing the rubber drive belt.

Lightly lubricate the bearing with light machine oil (sewing-machine oil is good for this).

Clean the stylus (carefully). Don’t be tempted to clean it with an alcohol-based solvent as it will probably unsticj the stylus from the cantilever mount - don’t ask me how i know :blush:

Make sure the TT and arm are set up properly (tracking, alignment etc.)