How to use Chains label for sellect another Chains plugin?

Good morning everyone.

I use the “chain plugin Nyquist” “SoundFinder” example as in the picture below.

I do not know how to use the number 2 label to perform other chais on this selection in chains processing "

Please help me and another who looking for the same question.

Chains are currently pretty simple things, just a list of commands that are applied in turn to the entire project. Chains do not currently support applying a command to only a part of a track.

It sounds like you are wanting to apply effects, with Chains, to just parts of the track, so the short answer is that currently you can’t.

In the next version of Audacity, “Chains” are renamed as “Macros”, and their functionality is considerably expanded. There is also a new feature called “scripting” which is currently being developed, which allows almost anything that Audacity can do to be controlled by an external script. Typically Python would be used for scripting, but any scripting language that supports “named pipes” may be used.

Macros will definitely be in the next release, and hopefully scripting support will be too.

Thank you so much for your answer.

There is nothing else to do but only wait for info about the new version audacity with “Macros”,
Meaby have somethin info when be able link to beta versions to test?

There’s an unofficial alpha build here:
(Note that sendspace is advert supported, so take care about what you click on)
The manual for this version is work in progress so it is not yet complete and is subject to change, but has the most recent documentation:

Note also that alpha builds have not yet been rigorously tested and may contain bugs. If you think you have found a bug, first thing is to check the manual that you are using it correctly, then if you still think it is a bug, report the issue on this section of the forum: Alphas & Betas - Audacity Forum

Pages under development:

These three are pretty accurate with regard to current alpha behavior

There are a couple of known bugs:
P1: Applying Macros to Files is no longer a batch process -
P2: Macros on files - Save Project causes overwrites. thus loses data -

These will be fixed for the 2.3.0 release

The Macos examples page:
has yet to be fully updated - I am holding fire on that unrtil the GUI dialogs for Macos finalize.


I have get exacly plugin what i need.

Yeeeejj!!! :slight_smile: tanku You very much Steve for help