How to slow down playback of imported WAV file


I recently downloaded Audacity so I could process recordings made during Paranormal investigations. Recordings were made on a digital recorder on High Quality. When I run the play back in audacity it goes too fast to be understood. What can I do to slow down the play back so it can be heard normally?

I looked over the forum and and the tutorials, and I do not see any previous reference to this problem. I apologize in advance if this issue is in the forum and I have missed it.



Simply select theportion of audio you want to alter (Ctrl-A will slect the whole recording). Then from the Effects menu select Change Speed …


Good luck, I’ve yet to hear a convincing “paranormal” recording that doesn’t sound like an errant radio signal being picked up.

If slowing the signal down makes it sound too low pitched you can use the Change Tempo effect, it might work better.

Just be aware that shrill sounds like floorboards creaking, glass being scraped, or houses settling (my old house was notorious for generating odd noises) will sound very odd slowed down (as will most other sounds). Be a skeptic.

Thanks Alatham and Waxcylinder

I am a skeptic. That’s why I’m a Paranormal investigator instead of a Ghost Hunter. Yes, there is a difference between the two.
Paranormal investigators are looking for the scientific or mundane reason behind EVP, orbs, temperature changes, etc. When we find something we cannot explain away, then we look even harder to see what could be causing it. And TAPS is NOT an example of a well conducted paranormal investigation, at least not any more.

Good to hear. Let us know if you hear anything interesting. I for one wouldn’t mind helping out if you ask at the forums. I like sounds.

I’m having the same problem. I downloaded audio from a youtube video which I’m trying to decode the distorted audio from. I’ve tried slowing it down the way i’ve been told several times but since it only goes to -99.00% it’s still faster than the original.

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