How to set up the USB turntable to that it records

I used to use Sound Studio so Audacity is totally new to me and I have no idea how to get started. The tutorial “quick start” guide is useless for me.

Please see: Tutorial - Digitizing LPs, tapes or MiniDiscs - Audacity Manual

And in particular: Recording with USB turntables or USB cassette decks - Audacity Manual

And this suggested workfow: Sample workflow for LP digitization - Audacity Manual


I’m a Windows guy but probably all you have to do is select the USB device as your Recording Device before clicking Record.

If the turntable came with Audacity, you may have an older version selecting the recording device may be different. Version 3.5.1 can be downloaded here.

That’ll probably work.

Thanks, guys. I’ve decided to ditch Audacity in favor of Sound Studio, which I’ve used with good results before. Thanks again!

Your choice to spend money instead of learning how to use Audacity… Enjoy!

Free is not always better. It simply isn’t working for me, and no amount of reading all these complex online manuals is helping me set it up. If I had someone physically present with me to help, it might make a difference . However, I am not good in technical matters like these and I need something that works and is relatively straightforward to operate. Congratulations if Audacity is easy and works for you!