How to set default "playback speed" slider

When i startup Audacity, i’d like this slider to be at 2.25

How do i set the default here? Someplace in cfg file?


Double click on the slider, then type the number 1 in the text entry box and click “OK”. Audacity remembers the last used setting.

Note that the playback speed setting only has an affect when clicking the “Play at Speed” button, and has no affect on normal playback.

That’s true.

But it forgets every time i restart Audacity

So is there a way to set the default? e.g. in the cfg file?

Might you really want Effect > Change Speed, Effect > Change Tempo or Effect > Change Pitch?

Those are actual effects and can, I’m guessing, be programmed.


no i do audiobook mastering.

The audiobook might have 20 chapters, in 20 different AUP files.

When i playback an audiobook, i typically play at 2x speed (because they’re so long)

So every time i open another AUP file, my Playback Speed bar is back down at 1x, and i have to carefully move it each time.



I misunderstood your question. I thought you meant “how do I set it to the default”, rather than “how do I change the default”.

The default setting for Play at Speed is not configurable. However, you could add a keyboard shortcut to the “Adjust Playback Speed” command, which would then allow you to open the speed setting with one key press. See here for how to set a keyboard shortcut:

And if you do that you then just need to type 2 and the Enter - so just 3 keystrokes

But I will try to find some time to talk to the develoiper who recently worked on Play-at-Speed to make it dynamic to see if the Play-at-Speed setting could be “remembered” by Audacity or even also have a preferences setting (but we are wary of introducing additional preferences).


I’d be a bit wary of that, unless there was also a very quick and easy way to reset it (right click context menu?).
I think that for most users, it’s like driving a car - when you start the car, it should be in neutral. The effect can be quite unsettling if it’s in third gear and you were unaware of that when you start the engine.

I don’t really buy that argument Steve.

You could make the same case against stuff like the settings that are rembered for exports - and resetting those each time would be daft.


That’s OK, we don’t have to agree about everything :smiley: but for my own use, I like the fact that Play at Speed always starts from a known (x1) position.

A few other “remembered” setting annoy me, such as how “Generate” effects remember durations that I have not set, just because I used the effect with a selection. (but this is going off-topic, so I’ll stop now :wink:)

out of curiosity, why would anyone ever Play-at-speed at 1x?

Isn’t that what the play button is for?

Maybe there’s a reason to Play-at-speed at 1x that i’m not seeing.

But, Audacity already remembers the position of the volume bar when you close Audacity. So remembering the Play-at-speed would be cool.

or just putting the line in the .cfg file would be good enough for me.

Like my “driving” analogy, no-one drives a car in neutral, but when you first get into a car to drive it, you may want to go forward, or may want reverse. Similarly, when I launch Audacity, I probably won’t remember what speed I used yesterday, or last week, or whenever I last used Play at Speed, but if I want to play faster, I just need to move the slider to the right, or to the left for slower.

Personally I don’t find it a big deal either way, though I can’t imagine wanting to listen to an audiobook being read by a chipmunk.