How to send editing music to my music folder

After editing a song from itunes or windows media player, how do I move the edited song to my music folder?

I am using Windows 11

Commercial, paid-for song? You may have tip-toed into the copyrighted music forest. If someone here doesn’t know, it’s Google Time.

This kind of thing causes all sorts of problems for the casual home user.

If you do get it to work, both directions, post back and say how.


It’s not possible to explicitly change Audcaity’s default export folder, but after specifying it once when exporting, Audacity should remember and use that folder again thereafter for future exports

The method(s) for doing this are explained clearly on this page in the Audacity Manual:

Oh yes you can - yo can do this in Directories Preferences:


:blush: never used that.

It’s a relatively recent addition (Audacity 3.0.0) that James Crook made a while back (March 2021) when he was Release Manager.

The contentious one on the group remains the Macros output settings.