how to save a recording process after timer recording

Hi, well, I want to record a radio broadcast online, I set timer record and audacity do the work, but, I want to do a extra task, there is a way to save the recording automatically after the end of the recording process using the timer recording function ???
many thanks !

No there isn’t.
When the recording has completed you will need to manually Export the recording to create an audio file.

Actually you can either Save the Audacity Project or Export an audio file for use in other software and players - see thsi article from the 1.3 manual which explains about projects and save versus export:

There is a longstanding feature request to autosave projects on completion of timer recording which has six votes - and a further six votes for auto shutdown on completion (which would necessitate an auto save). Would you like me to add your vote for either or both of those?


FYI here is a clipping from the Audacity Wiki Feature Request with changes requested for timer recording:

Timer Record:
Many of the below requests could be implemented (I think) by enabling automation support for tcp/unix sockets
Multi-event scheduler for future recordings (like a VCR), not just scheduling a single recording for now (15 votes)
Perform system shutdown after recording. (6 votes)
Accessible from File Menu so when you hit record button, options dialogue would come up (1 votes)
Store last used settings to start recording on a daily basis (1 votes)
Auto Save to a pre-defined project name/location set in an in-situ dialog (3 votes)
Auto Save to a pre-defined file name/format and location set in an in-situ dialog (3 votes)
Disconnect internet stream as well as stop the recording (1 votes)
Dialogue windows should be modeless with respect to project recorded into: so you can change input levels, pause manually, drop a label etc. (7 votes)

Should at least be minimisable on Windows (2 votes)
Should allow you to work in other projects until recording starts (1 votes)
Ability to extend/change the recording time: while the timer is running the recording, or when it is waiting to record (2 votes)
Cancel should only close the timer not stop the recording (2 votes)

Timer recording is useful. the ability to autosave & shutdown would make it useable! Please add my vote.

OK I have to add various votes in there anyway so I will do that.


Please add my vote to Multi-event scheduler for future recordings (like a VCR).

I would like to be able to import in Audacity a text file with a list of Start Recording and End Recording times, too, maybe in a kind of iCAL format. This way I’d be able to save dates and times in my Google Calendar and have Audacity start and stop recording in the due days and times.
jkumhhhhhhhhhhhtr6yyy (my cat contribute).


OK will do.


We should be careful to avoid the Friedel Cycle.

We need a tool to do A. It would be nice if it also did B while you’re in there. A and B sort of demands the addition of the C tool, but we don’t have time or talent for all of that so we won’t do anything.


Actually there is a development philosophy that runs “commit the simple part now so we can build on it”. I forget its name.