How to run Filter Curve EQ (Walkie-talkie) on folder (via script)?

I’m using Audacity 3.1.3 (and windows)

I have folder: (“c:\f_files”) which contains 1000 wav files.
for each file I want to run Walkie-talkie preset (Effetct->Filter Curve EQ → Manage → Factory Presets → Walkie-talkie) and save the results under (“c:\results”)

How can I do it automatically (on all the 1000 files) ?

You should be able to do this with a simple two command Macro:

the macro just needs Filter Curve EQ with the parameters set to “Walkie-talkie”, followed by Export as MP3

Set the desired output folder in Directories preferences before you run the Macro on the files:
See: Directories Preferences - Audacity Manual

You may (need to create the folder before assigning the setting in prefs - but I’m not sure - no harm to do so anyway.


The manual advises a maximum of 500 files at a time - but it may work straight off with the thousand files.


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