How to remove vocals?

I would like to a edit a song, the song being the main theme of the video game F.E.A.R.

At around 0:26 you can hear some strange vocals.

I really want to remove these vocals from the music but I’m not sure how to start. :confused:

It is impossible to remove just one instrument (in this case the human voice) from a mixed-down recording. The only way that success can be guaranteed is to have access to the individual tracks that make up the original recording, and then do your own re-mix. Yes, Audacity has an Effect called “Vocal Remover (for center-panned vocals)…” I’ve added the bold italic underscore emphasis because this effect is accurately titled but always results in a false expectation from new users. It works only on old recordings where the solo singer was placed in the dead-center of the stereo sound stage. All modern recordings apply some degree of special stereo effects to the lead singer’s voice. The presence of these effects renders it impossible to remove even an apparently center-panned voice - because some of it isn’t center-panned at all. And in any case, you will always remove everything else that is center-panned or that sits across the center of the stereo sound stage.

This (newish) page in the manual is worth a read, it enhances what PGA says:


Not really related to Audacity, but does anyone know what kind of instrument could produce the music at the beginning of the theme song? Thanks.

it sounds a bit like a clarinet … e.g. @ 12-13sec

So after the vocal remover failed, i’ve decided to cut the voice part entirely. However, how do I create a smooth transition between the remaining bits?