How to remove Start point or Loop Segment

I love Audacity. I have one training issue that I can’t seem to find a solution for. When I set a start point for a file or a looping segment, I can’t seem to effectively remove it. I have resorted to closing the file and reopening it. There has to be a better solution. Any suggestions would be appreciated!


Try right-clicking on the time-line, then Clear Loop.

That worked great. I see that option. What if it is just a set point to restart from rather than a loop? The same option doesn’t seem to work.

Perhaps you are simply looking for the Rewind button ?

See also, the Transport > Cursor to and Transport > Looping options.

Perfect. Cursor to takes care of it. It’s the cursor that I was calling a set point. If I just hit “J” it moves that cursor to the beginning again and I am good to go. I kept trying to drag it around and it just wasn’t working. That’s exactly what I was looking for. Both questions resolved! Thanks @jademan! I will be much happier using the app!