How to remove multi labels from stereo halves?

Couldn’t find any reference to this issue but am using win7 pro with 64bit 3.1.3 version. Usually I always use stereo tracks and they have their labels showing only on the upper half of the track. Suddenly I find a stereo track with dup labels on upper AND lower tracks. I tried splitting the left/right tracks to mono then back again to stereo but dual labels still showing?

Did have issues with sections of a track splitting into partial mono looking but connected pieces when cutting and pasting but not sure if related and couldn’t duplicate. Also curious about a vertical line that get’s between two sections I’m moving and have to delete it to be able to paste into that empty area. Seems to be related to the new clip extender maybe? Thanks for any help as I’m loving the new features of this version.

The double label is just a cosmetic problem: mix & render fixes it …
mix&render cures double label.gif

Thanks for that! I also found that on my extra “cursor” issue that it was actually a VERY small segment of a clip when zoomed way in. :astonished:

You say small, but with the introduction of non-destructive editing, any length of clip can be collapsed down to a line, and you need to zoom-in until you can see sample points to expand it back out again.

Thanks again. Just started using 3.1.3 so lots of learning ahead I’m finding. That feature answers a lot of questions and opens up lots of possibilities as well!

There are two ways that I know that can create a double set of clip names - clip namesfor Left and right tracks

  1. Make a stereo track from two mono tracks - this can result in different clip names in either channe;

  2. Import an old AUP stereo project into a newer Audacity version that uses the AUP3 consolidated database.

Both of these are logged as bugs on the Muse GitHub bug tracker. But there is little or no progress on this as the developer involved thinks clip names per channel is a cute idea (I happen to disagree).

Simplify asynchronous stereo tracks #2722
Opening (importing) an AUP project gives a stereo track two un-named clip-handle drag bars #2618
Make Stereo Track can result in a track with different clipnames for each channel #1850


I’s actually slightly more than a “cosmetic problem” sadly, as my previous post points out.

Mix and Render does indeed fix it in the sense that you end up with a single clip name, but there are side effects that may be unwanted

  1. With multiple clips in the track they will be merged into a single clip with any spaces in between the clips rendered to actual silence

  2. the new mixed track takes it’s clip name from the track name, thereby losing any clip names that you have carefully and deliberately created.


If like me, you cut up your tracks intensively for edit, this loses all your section cuts. Same as saving the track and reloading. If you need the sections, I guess just best to keep the double labels.

Unless and until the clip-handles and double clip names are removed - i.e. the bugs I referenced above get fixed - then yes, that is probably a good idea.

One cute thing about the double clip handles/names, or rather per-channel clip-handles is that (unlike your example) the clips in the two channels can be asynchronous, i.e. not matched (and not labelled the same) in both tracks.

This means that you can drag clips around in one channel while the other channel remains as-is

BUT the odd thing is the if clips are synchronous, i.e. match exactly, the dragging a clip around in one channel will cause the clips in both channels to move together - which to me would seem to defeat the objective of having per-track clip-handles.

Of course the other really odd thing is that (if having clip-handle drag-bars is a “designed feature”) there is no obvious discoverable ways to turn this feature on - you need to split and rejoin a stereo track. Which tends to make me think that this was not actually designed-in.

Oh and BTW is is an “easter egg” a totally undocumented “feature”.