how to remove a voiceover?


I got a DVD of a sport lecture, its no commerical stuff, but unfortunately the guy that taped it does a voiceover in his language over the original english track. now i tried around with the karaoke plugin to remove the loud voiceover, but dont get any useful results.

can somebody give me a hint what to try ? the quality is not so important…since its enough to understand the original voice

my toughts are to isolate the voiceover, invert it and add it to the original track … since i am not firm with audioediting anyway every clue is welcome … may be there is an easier way ?


These are the three software packages that might help.

Center Pan Remover (Voice Remover–Search the page for “Center Pan Remover”)

Voice Isolator (Opposite of Center Pan Remover)
Voice Trap
Extra Boy

One of the isolator packages will remove, too.

If both the voiceover and the original announcer are in the middle of the stereo field, you’re dead. If the original show is in Mono, you’re dead. You’re not after quality, so I think those are the only two deads. If you’re after high quality stereo results, then the chance of success never goes over about 20%-30% or so.


Thanks a lot!

I will try this the next days and report if it worked.

Would Center Pan Remover work on something like dialogue mixed into music?

Take the sample of track 16 for example:

Could that be removed with CPR, or another way?

“Center Pan remover” removes sound that is panned dead centre.
Did you try it before posting your question?
Did you listen to the track?
Is the vocal a mono source panned dead centre (without any stereo effects)?

I downloaded Center Pan Remover and tried it, but the words are still there.

That’s because there is a massive and very obvious stereo effect on the voice-over. The voice is not in the centre, so it will not be removed by the centre pan remover. In fact, this is an excellent example of when Centre Pan Remover will not remove the vocal.

So, I am basically out of luck, huh? I hate it when voice sample are added to score to “enhance” it. Sorry, but it didnt’ need “enhancing”.

Yup, it’s just like when annoying DJs insist on speaking over the start and end of a track when you’re trying to record it from FM …


No, not the same. I bought[/b] my CD years ago.

Tetchy, tetchy - and holier than thou …

Most of the recordings I have made off FM over the years have led to the purchase of LPs and later CDs. The recording enables me to live with an artist’s track for a while to see if I really like it. And actually some of them I have never found commercially available, even after years of searching - if for instance you know where I can get a kosher copy of Jackie Lowell’s 1961 record Rocket Trip, at some stage published on Jukebox at Eric’s, I would indeed be most grateful. :slight_smile:


A lot of people like the voice over part on things like that… at least that’s what the producer believes.