how to record to mp3

Using UFO202 3.1.3 to record from turntable to windows 7. I can’t find a way to record to mp3 so Media Player will recognize. Any help greatly appreciated!

You don’t record to MP3 - what you do is record (and possibly edit) in Audacity and then export the result to an MP3 file using the:
Fiile > Export > Export as Mp3 command.

Please see:



Thank you for the help. I’ve got lots to learn.

so Media Player will recognize.

Some comments about files & formats…

As you may know, MP3 is lossy compression. That means data is thrown-away to make the file smaller. That’s not necessarily a terrible thing… It can often sound identical to the uncompressed original and it’s better than analog vinyl. :wink:

But - When you open an MP3 for editing it gets decompressed. If you re-export as MP3 you are going through another generation of lossy compression and some “damage” does accumulate. So whenever possible you should compress to MP3 ONCE as the last step (if you want MP3).

I always recommend exporting as WAV immediately after recording. WAV is uncompressed and one of the most-standard and “foolproof” formats. The only “weakness” is that metadata/tagging (artist/title/album, etc) is not well-standardized or well-supported for WAV.

For what you’re doing, you probably don’t need to save an Audacity project (AUP3). Audacity projects are also lossless but it makes a “complex” file that’s more-prone to corruption than a WAV file. (If you make a project, I still recommend making a WAV file as a back-up.)

FLAC is lossless compression. You’ll get a file about half the size of a WAV and tagging is better supported than WAV.

AAC (= M4A = MP4) is lossy but it’s supposed to be better than MP3 and if you edit AAC “damage” doesn’t accumulate like with MP3.

Speaking of tagging…
Audacity can tag the basic artist/title/album info, etc., but it can’t add album artwork. I use [u]MP3Tag[/u] for artwork, or if I simply want to edit the metadata. (MP3Tag works on most audio formats, not only MP3.) Usually you can find the artwork on the Internet or you can scan it but an LP cover is too big for a standard scanner.