How to record off the internet

I’m new to version 3.2.5. The previous version I didn’t have to figure out how to record off the internet (or browser) but now it looks like I need to.

I use a Focusrite outboard audio device, 3rd generation, and I have Windows 10.

In the Audactiy GUI, I clicked Audio Setup, and it says the host is MME, and it can recognize my Focusrite for the recording device.

But when I click the record button, there’s no wave form displayed. What else can I look at?

Recording Sound Playing On Your Computer.

In this situation you don’t normally record the sound coming out of your interface but with WASAPI loopback you can capture the sound being sent to it.

Please see: Tutorial - Recording audio playing on the computer - Audacity Manual


I finally figured it out.
Apparently when I purchased my Focusrite audio device, they changed their configuration and I didn’t know about it.

Their older product line automatically enabled the Loopback channel, but their newer, 3rd generation product line doesn’t. You have to know where to look in order to enable it. Once I discovered that, everything fell into place.

FYI, and thanks so much for pitching in!

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