How to record from turnables

Hello, i have got a problem with my turnables. When I try to record my sessions in audacity, the sound is very bad, y I think that the reason why is that i conect my turnables to the computer by the mic input.
I dont know how to do it to conect my turnables to the audio input and the PC recognize the sound.
Sorry about my english!

I wrote this when computers had two connections instead of only one, but the advice is the same.


This set of tutorials from the Audacity Manual should help you:


Post back when you either get something to work or need more help. I assume “recording your turntables” means recording the DJ Mixer and not trying to record two turntables at once. Audacity will only record from one device at a time, so you can record one turntable or one microphone.


Usually the output from a record player is very quiet, like a microphone. Like a mic, you’ll need a preamplifier to boost the signal without also boosting the noise floor. It’s why record players are hooked up through an amplifier before the sound is passed on to the speakers.

In addition to a usually low output voltage that high quality cartridges provide there is the need to adjust for the RIAA preemphasis by undoing it in the preamp that also raises the voltage to a usable line level.

Connecting a TT out to a mike input will not work well. Even with a high output low quality cartridge the RIAA curves will make it sound bad unless they are fixed too.