How to perform vertical expansion of Wave

Hello all,

I have done some searching but have some up with nothing, I am looking for a vertical waveform expansion feature. The zoom tools are great but I am looking to raise the height of the wave after I have zoomed in, such as Wavosaur and Soundforge can do easily by using the mouse scroll wheel. Is this a feature of Audacity? I use this feature to catch noise or clicks that may be brought up after mastering the chapter.


Just click & drag on the bottom of the audio track to resize it (works on label tracks too)

Thanks but I am not referring to the"track size", I have attached a screen shot of what I mean. I want to “blow up” the wave not zoom in and not increase track height. In the image you will see the tail end of one chapter, then in the second image you will see the same tail with noise at the end after the vertical expansion of the track.

From the lack of response I am guessing that it is not possible with Audacity?

Not entirely sure this is what you want, but if you click on the scale directly to the left of a track it will zoom the track vertically. Shift click to zoom out. Click and drag to select a vertical region of interest.

The feature I am referring too is “Amplitude gain”

Yeah that’s it, it is not as easy or precise as other programs where you use a modifier key and the scroll wheel but it will do the trick with, thanks!

“Amplitude gain” is in effect “amplifying”. Increasing the amplitude gain makes the sound louder.
You can change the “gain” using the “gain slider” (Audacity Manual)
Note that double clicking on the slider opens a text box so that you can type the amount of gain required very precisely.

If you do not want to change the sound, but only make the waveform look bigger, then there are two things that you can do:

  1. Click and drag the bottom of the audio track down so that the entire track is taller.
  2. “Zoom in vertically”. The simplest way to zoom in vertically is to just click on the vertical track ruler, but you can also “click and drag” within the vertical ruler to zoom into a specific region.
    Shift+click or right click to zoom out.
    Shift + Right Click to zoom back to normal.
    For all of the zoom options (horizontal and vertical zoom), see: Audacity Manual