How to open 2nd track in the same window?

By default, when a new audio file is opened, another instance of Audacity is popping up, in the latest version.
How to open it in another track, in the same window, as it was happening in previous versions?

File > Import > Audio

Seems to work.


Thanks Koz. Yes. It’s working with Import. But ‘open’ goes to another window.
Any difference(s) b/n Win 10 and Win 7, in Audacity functionality?

“Open” is supposed to go to another Window as you are opening a new project.

What the Open command does with an audio file is
a) Opens a new project
b) “silently” Imports the audio file into that project.

That is intended behavior in Audacity - and has always been so,

If you want the audio file imported into your already existing project - then use the File > Import > Audio command - that is what it is designed to do.


Thanks WC. You are right.
I too understood it.
BTW, are there any differences b/n win7 and win10?

any differences b/n win7 and win10?

One Very Important Difference is drivers and support software. Drivers have to be written to support Windows 10 and they have to say so.

No more “OK for Windows” stuff. Win10 is a new OS, it’s not a simple, tinkering around the edges update.

Worse than having it flat fail, some older (legacy) software sorta-kinda works and then falls over at the worst possible time.

There are some sound devices that just dropped off the bottom—they’re no longer directly supported by Windows 10.


It sounds like Win 7 is safer, meaning trouble free to use, more confidently!

It sounds like Win 7 is safer

Or maybe not. All the security updates are going to go to Windows 10.


Some confusingly new/different security restrictions also seem to be there in Win 10.
For example, the owner is a user, and not an Admin by default.
This may not directly affect audacity.