How to Lock Labels

I’m a new user so please be patient with me. I am annotating a long rcording with lables. I’ll be exporting segments of the recoding to mp3s so the lables are important to me. When insert anything in the audio track the lables stay put and the break points obviously move. How can I lock the label track to the audio track so that the lables stay in the right relative places? This driving me nuts moving all the lables back to where I put them.

AFIK you can’t do this in Audacity with labels - therefore labelling should be one of the last things you do in your workflow after editing and before exporting.


In case any new user like myself end up here from a search, I should mention that now you can lock the labels. So adding or removing parts of audio won’t change the relative position of labels.
Tracks > Sync-Lock Tracks (on/off)