How to listen to tape without recording

I would like to be able to find where on a tape I would like to begin recording before I start recording. I can’t find it in the manual. How can I do that?

I’m not sure what you mean, but try this and see if this is what you want:

  1. Click the “Pause” button in Audacity.
  2. Click the “Record” button in Audacity.
  3. Start the tape playing.
  4. When the tape gets to the part where you want to start recording, click the “Pause” button again (to “un-pause” the recording).

Click on the Recording Meter toolbar where it says “Click to start monitoring

Oh and you probably will need to turn on "Software Playthrough" from “Transport > Transport Options”.


Thank you. That is exactly what I needed to know. Is this mentioned somewhere in the manual?

“Click to start monitoring”:

"Software Playthrough (on/off) ":

“Pause button”:

and lots of information about copying tapes:

This is what Steve suggested:

And for what I suggested